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How It Works

How Do We Help You?

At Cosmic Notify, out main goal is to help every reseller profit, whether you are experienced, or brand new. We are here for everyone!

How Much Is Cosmic Notify?

Cosmic Notify is only 10$ a month! We offer everything from monitors, to brick flips, to card flips, free food, bot advice, guides, and so much more. We believe we can help every reseller for a cheap price!

What do I need to Join?

All you need is discord! We run our server through discord, so everyone can get updates super quick on releases!


Monitors We offer LIGHTING Fast Monitors so you will always be in the know of drops. Never miss a drop!
24/7 Support We have a support team working around the clock so we can help you with whatever you need. We will always have an answer for you!
Release Guides Ever wonder where your favorite shoe was going to release? We always will know, and will always let you know times, dates, and where it will drop!
Backdoors We offer our members exclusive access to purchase shoes months before they drop!
Card Flips
Brick Flips
Slots / ACO


What is Cosmic Notify? Cosmic Notify is a group ran by experienced resellers and botters our number one priority is for our members to make money from reselling sneakers, bots, sport cards and much more. We also have professional staff online 24/7 that will do everything they can to help you. We offer many services so you will stay updated and know the information on the latest releases.
How Old Do You Have to Be To Join? Yo can be any age! As long as you are able to buy and resell, you can do it to!
Do I need any experience to join? No experience needed whatsoever we provide tools and guides for every release we also have a 1 on 1 support that will help you if you need!
Why should I join? You should join us because Cosmic Notify has lightning fast monitors, random flips, stock investments, and so much more!!!

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